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You’ve probably found that the internet is laden with various explanations of biological terms and quick answers to your most pressing questions. However, these sites rarely provide succinct, accurate definitions and explanations. Here at theallcars.com, we don’t think that you should have to search multiple sites for the answers to your most pressing biology questions.

Our articles are written and edited by paid authors who specialize in teaching biological concepts. When you look at a BiologyDictionary article, you are getting everything you need to build a solid understanding of the topic. Wikipedia and other sites often bury the most important concepts in mountains of useless information. We omit all of the technical jargon, unnecessary topics, and pointless tangents. Just simple, understandable articles.

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Take our quizzes to make sure you are ready! All of our quizzes are written by our content experts. Take the quiz at the end of each article to make sure you fully grasp the concept. If you have a big test, look through each concept the test will cover to get a feel for what type of questions might be on the test. Plus, all of our articles are free to read. So you can spend as much time studying as you need!

But that’s not all we do…

We are working on covering all the basics of biology with concept articles, comparison articles, and basic definitions of everything biology-related! If you like our free articles, consider some of our other products. We offer quizzes by topic or category and are currently working on a number of other study guides and aides. We are working on video tutorials, helpful infographics of each topic, study guides for students, lesson plans for teachers, and a number of other useful products.

In the future, we plan on creating educational games, discounted AP study guides, AP flash cards, and mock exams. With your help, we can get there! Let us know any way we can improve. Do you need something else biology-related? Let us know! We’ll get right on it.

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We are here to serve you, our readers. Without your support, this site would be nothing. If you have any feedback at all, please use our Contact Us page. We would be happy to help you with an issue or see what we can do to create products specific to your needs.

Want to know more about us? Theallcars.com was founded in 2015, in Atlanta, Georgia. Several authors, editors, and a web designer got together with the simple idea to create a central, authoritative source for biology information on the internet. Our writers and editors have studied and taught at some of the nation’s leading institutions including Harvard, Princeton, NYU, and others. All of our writers have a passion for biology and want to share it with the world.

Starting with only a few articles, we slowly built up what we thought was the best biology website around. Today, our articles are visited by millions of visitors every month. Students, young and old, use our site from all over the world to learn more about the subjects important to them.AAbout usA